Briarhill Road will be upgraded

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 10/18/00.

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors agreed to upgrade Briarhill Road, which is located on the south side of Lake Koronis, at their meeting last week. This township road is about 700 feet long and runs from CSAH 20 north toward Sandy Point Trailer Park and several other residents on the south shore of the lake.

The use of this road has changed substantially over the last year from principally summer only use to now having several permanent residents which use it yearround, according to Bud McMillan, who owns the trailer park. The township board agreed to upgrade the road and provide a turnaround at the north end for maintenance equipment. All private driveways will lead to that turnaround.

Dick Putzke, a resident on County Road 123 in the northeast part of the township, asked the township board what could be done about the road. This road is about one mile long, and is one of only a few gravel roads left in the area.

Don Pietsch, Paynesville Township Board Chairman, stated he had spoken to Stearns County about this road and what could be done to get the county to blacktop it. The county suggested the road could be put into their five-year plan and, if blacktopped within five years, it would be turned over to the township for future maintenance.

Pietsch suggested that Putzke ask people along the road to petition the township regarding the blacktopping and takeover of the road. The township then has a place to start, according to Pietsch.

Other business:
• The board heard that over 100 residences are receiving recycling pickups in the township. The program was just begun on Oct. 8, 2000.

• The board agreed to establish a five-year prioritized plan for road maintenance within the township.

• The board agreed to notify all of the County Road 124 residents about the need to change their addresses to Old Lake Road, using their same house number in their address.

• The board discussed the progress of placing the 9-1-1 signs within the township. They also discussed the need for some Old Lake Road identification signs to replace the County Road 124 signs that the county has removed from Highway 55 and from Old Lake Road itself.

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