Building project is ahead of schedule

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/18/00.

With little cuts here and there in the auditorium and fitness center project, about $60,000 can be cut from the construction budget. The Paynesville Area School Board is looking at this and other ways to save enough money to keep air conditioning as part of the auditorium and fitness center.

Kevin Becker, construction manager, went over a list of areas where alterations to the project will save some money. Becker suggested not painting some concrete walls and ceilings and instead of laying tile, seal the concrete floors instead.

All the areas involved are nonpublic areas such as storage rooms, dressing rooms, makeup room, custodian room, and scene shop.

Also by going to standard white tile in the fitness center bathrooms, the district could save more than $2,000.

"We haven't touched or sacrificed anything in the public area of the auditorium," Becker informed the board.

Workers have been able to take advantage of the warm fall weather and place brick on the exterior of the building. "The brick arrived earlier than we expected," Becker said.

By being able to put the brick up without a plastic shell to retain heat, the district will save between $15,000 and $20,000 in the construction support budget, he estimated.

The district also saved another $20,000 by changing the special brick design on the upper portion of the auditorium. Instead of extending some of the brick out from the wall, all the brick is flush with the wall.

The savings in each area wasn't great, but when added together, the total came to about $60,000.

"I'm feeling more confident that money will be left over in the budget," Troy Miller, architect, said.

The construction budget had a deficit because the district wants to include air conditioning, a $75,000 expense. The construction managers have been looking at ways to include that item without going over budget.

"The budget is tight but I think we'll make it," Becker added.

The district still has $35,000 left in the contingency fund for other unknowns which might arise.

The construction project has made a lot of progress in the last month because of the above normal temperatures. "We've come a long way in the last 30 to 45 days," Steve Dilallo, construction manager, said.

According to Dilallo, 60 percent of the concrete has been poured. The only major area where concrete still needs to be poured is the auditorium floor.

Dilallo added that 95 percent of the structural masonry is done and 80 percent of the interior masonry walls are completed.

This week, the brick for the building will be laid and within the next two weeks the structural steel will be completed on the building. Steel pieces are being refabricated to bring the new addition into line with the present high school gym wall.

Both Becker and Dilallo felt the project was two weeks ahead of schedule.

District goals
The board set goals for the 2000-01 school year.

District goals are:
1) To pursue measures for obtaining a balanced general fund budget for the next school year.
2) To review and update the school district technology plan.
3) To encourage school district administrators and staff to be more actively involved in providing more opportunities for parent involvement in their child's educational program.
4) To be more actively involved with our state legislators and legislative issues during the 2000-01 school year.

Department chairs
Nine department chairs presented their 2000-2001 curriculum plans and goals to the board, outlining where they are at in course studies.

Appearing before the board were communications: Marlys Sorenson, Laura Viaene, Amy Flanders; vocational: Jim Hahn; science: Connie Backes, Tim Woehler, Tammy Botten; and physical education: Diane Dutcher.

Other business
•The board approved a health and safety program plan for the district. This plan is required by the state. The plan outlines which staff person is responsible for each area of the building or grounds. Among the items covered in the plan are lead in water, playground safety, hazardous waste, indoor air quality, integrated pest management, and food inspection.
•The board accepted the resignation of Barb Koehn, food service accountant.
•The board approved the maternity/ child care leave for Karlin Jacoby, elementary special needs teacher. She will be gone from Feb. 8 to April 18.
•The board approved part-time teaching assignments in ECFE for Kim Thompson, Becki Quade, and Dina Hengel.
•The board approved the assignment of Kim Thompson as ECFE department chair.

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