New mammography unit offers more comfort

This article submitted by Molly Connors on 10/15/96.

The radiology department at the Paynesville Area Hospital will get a new mammography unit this week.

The unit, a Lorad M-4, has several innovations that will make mammographies more comfortable for women, according to Mark Dingmann, head of the radiology department.

The hospital's current unit was purchased in 1988. The units are outdated every five years, Dingmann said.

The unit has a different positioner which makes it easier for technicians to use. It can focus on smaller areas and detect smaller lesions. The unit will show "crisper images" to the technicians, Dingmann said. It has a higher frequency and more energy-producing qualities.

The machine puts patients in a unique position that is more comfortable. It's also a position that makes it easier for the technicians to operate.

There is "not as much pulling and tugging on the breast" and there are no sharp edges, like the older mammography unit had, Dingmann said. He has heard reports from other hospitals that are using the M-4, and their patients are indicating that the newer machine is more comfortable.

The new machine is "anatomy structured." The radiology department will be using the machine during November, when the hospital offers $60 mammograms.

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