Middle school honors October students of the month

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/13/98.

The Paynesville Area Middle School faculty each year selects students to be recognized each month for the contributions in and out of class.

Selected as the October Students of the Month are: sixth grade, Michael Mueller and Laura Hoyme; seventh grade, Melissa Andrie and Adam Ingalsbe; and eighth grade, Crystal Ring and Trevor Palmer.

Michael Mueller is the son of Butch and Bev Mueller, rural Paynesville. His teachers feel Michael is a hard worker, works well with other students and is self confident and dependable. Michael lists as his interests collecting 49ers things, playing Nintendo 64, biking and rollerblading. He enjoys playing hockey, baseball and flag football. When asked about his feelings towards being chosen student of the month, Michael replied, ďIím honored to be the student of the month out of about 100 kids.Ē

Laura Hoyme is the daughter of Rick and Diane Hoyme, rural Paynesville. Her teachers feel Laura is a hard worker, a good helper and displays good self esteem. She lists as her interests acting, reading, and hanging out with friends. When asked about being chosen as student of the month, Laura replied, ďGood, it feels nice to be one of the first selected.Ē

Melissa Andrie is the daughter of Jim and DuDonne Andrie, rural Paynesville. A new student this year to the district, her teacher state she is polite, friendly, outgoing, and a good student. Melissa lists as her interests reading, being with friends and talking on the phone. She also enjoys playing with her pets. When asked about her feelings towards being chosen student of the month, Melissa replied, ďI just moved here and I think I am doing pretty well in school and getting to understand the way things work here.Ē

Adam Ingalsbe is the son of Dave and Barb Ingalsbe, rural Paynesville. His teachers state Adam is a good thinker, a hard worker and is a good class contributor. Adam lists as his interests reading, playing sports and swimming. He is involved in football, band, choir, and Boy Scouts. When asked about his feelings towards being chosen student of the month, Adam replied, ďI feel honored that my teachers chose me to be student of the month!Ē

Crystal Ring is the daughter of Lona Kissinger and Jeff Ring, Roscoe. Her teachers state Crystal is very organized, shows a willingness to help others and shows class preparation is a strong trait. Crystal lists as her interests reading and playing with her dog. She also enjoys swimming. When asked about her feelings towards being chosen student of the month, Crystal replied, ďSurprised!Ē

Trevor Palmer is the son of Doug and Emily Schwandt, Paynesville. His teachers state Trevor is eager to learn, very polite and displays a positive attitude. Trevor lists as his interests hunting, drawing and farming. He is a member of FLA. When asked about his feelings towards education, Trevor replied, ďFun, pick a favorite class and do real well in there and all other classes.Ē

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