October students of the month

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/8/96.

With the start of the new school year, teachers watch for students who excel and show they care about learning and for their fellow students. Two students from each grade in the middle school are selected each month by the teachers and student council. The Students of the Month for October were announced last week. They are: sixth grade, Ann Stalboerger and Freddie Stock; seventh grade, Trent Maetzold and Carla Hemmesch; and eighth grade, Darla Schmitt and Brian Stelling.

The sixth grade teachers feel Ann Stalboerger is a conscientious worker and a most interesting student. She makes good contributions to her classes, is a delight to work with and is a great addition to the middle school. Ann is the daughter of Tony and Patty Stalboerger, rural Lake Henry. She enjoys reading, playing on the computer, riding her horse and drawing. Extracurricular activities Ann is involved in include: basketball, band and choir.

Freddie Stockâs teachers feel he is a great asset to the middle school. Heâs involved in school and is nice to students and teachers. He has such a pleasing personality and a good sense of humor. Freddie is the son of Jerry and Mary Stock, Paynesville. He lists as his interests, hunting, animals, playing trombone and piano. He is also a member of the middle school band.

Seventh grade teachers consider Carla Hemmesch a good student, mature and responsible, and friendly to others. Carla is the daughter of Randy and Debbie Hemmesch, rural Lake Henry. She lists as her interests playing basketball, and hanging out with her friends. She plans on playing basketball this winter.

Trent Maetzoldâs teachers feel he is a good student, involved in class discussion and takes pride in his work. Trent is the son of Keith and Marge Maetzold, Paynesville. He lists as his interests baseball and golf. Extracurricular activities he participates in include football, choir, and the middle pops choir.

Eighth grade teachers feel Darla Schmitt is interested in school and is very visible as she arrives very early every morning. The attitude and friendliness she displays has a positive effect on those around her. Darla is the daughter of Ralph and Juliann Schmitt, Paynesville. She lists as her interests, playing the piano, watching television, and doing stuff with her friends. Darla is a member of the middle school choir.

Brian Stellingâs teachers feel he excels in his work ethic, attitude and enthusiasm. Brian never hesitates to ask questions and therefore really displays a will to learn. Brian is the son of Steven and Linda Stelling, Paynesville. He lists as his interests Boy Scouts and being with his friends. His extracurricular activities include football, baseball and basketball.

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