The PHS Pep Band plays at many sporting event

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/6/98.

Watching band members doing the chicken dance and polka are not unusual sites if you attend sporting events.

The Paynesville Area High School Pep Band provides a lot of enthusiasm to their music at home sporting events. The band members have a different dress-theme every time they play. At one football game, it was blaze orange. Last week is was Blast from the Past. Or it could be crazy hats or socks!!!

The pep band schedule for performing is as follows:
Oct. 9: football halftime;
Oct.13 and 23: volleyball.
Dec. 1 and 11: boys basketball
Dec. 8: girls basketball
Dec. 3 and 22, wrestling
Dec. 14: Christmas concert
Jan. 8 and 28: boys basketball
Jan. 12 and 21: girls basketball
Jan. 15: wrestling
Feb. 1: Theme concert
Feb. 8 and 16: girls basketball
Feb. 19: boys basketball

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