Eden Lake Township charity drive is now underway

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/6/98.

The 28th annual Eden Lake United Chaity drive is now underway.

Eden Lake residents are reminded that this is the only fund drive held in den Lake Township.The drive is to be completed by Friday, Oct. 16.

Solicitors for this yearís drive are: Steve and Arlie Lavine, Paul Harkopf, Rosemary Ruprecht, Marie Gurenes, Joanne Salzl, Charlie Torborg, Nick Silbernagel, Mary Jane Hentges, Joyce Holmgren, Bill Sturm, Gary Kuechle, Don and Linda Jenson, Joan Brulla, Vine Mathiowetz, Gerri Kadlec, Loren and Betty Eull and Tom and Linda Haag.

Officers this year are: Rosemary Ruprecht, president; Doug Stade, tresurer, and Tess Thielen, secretary.

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