The Paynesville Area Charity Fund Drive has started

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/6/98.

The Sixth Annual Paynesville Area Charity Fund Drive got under way last week.

Letters were sent to every household in the city of Paynesville and Paynesville Township.

According to organizers, the charity fund offers area residents the oppor-tunity to donate to one fund, then the donation is divided among many.

ďThe money which you designate for each charity will be sent to the charities at the end of the drive and you will not receive more mail requests,Ē Don Torbenson, board member, said.

ďThe Paynesville Area Charity Fund Drive eliminates the need for multiple fund drives and saves expenses,Ē Don Torbenson, board president, said.

The committee has set a goal of $32,000 for this yearís drive. Last year $27,329 was raised and distributed to 24 different charities.

The volunteer committee selects the local charities to be included on the listing. All the national charities are on the approved list of the Minnesota Charities Review Council. If your favorite charity is not on the list, donors may add it under ďother.Ē If you have a question concerning a charity, call toll free the Charities Review Council for more information, 1-800-733-4483.

All donation are tax deductible. Cancelled checks or money order will serve as receipts for tax purposes. Receipts will be mailed for all donations over $250.

Since all work is done by volunteers, expenses incurred by many fund raising organizations are avoided. The only expenses for the Paynesville Area Charity Fund are for printing and mailing of materials.

The Paynesville Area Charity Fund is registered as a nonprofit corporation with the Secretary of State and has been approved by the Internal Revenue Service to receive tax exempt gifts.

Employees are urged to ask their employers about payroll deduction or contact one of the members of the Paynesville Area Charities Fund board of directors for information about starting a payroll deduction program.

Serving on the Paynesville Area Charity Fund Board of Directors are: Torbenson, John Atwood, Jay Jones, Willie Butkofski, Phyllis Gardner, Jeanne Heineman, Don and Helen Lehman, Bev Mueller, Joe Spaulding, Judy Stanley, Leanne Tangen, and Jan Zumwalde.

Charities on the Paynesville Area Charity Fund list are: Paynesville Area Boy Scouts, Paynesville Community Service Center, Crow River Trail Guards, Friends of the Paynesville Area Library, Paynesville Area Girl Scouts, Paynesville Area Home Delivered Meals, Paynesville Area Dollars for Scholars, Paynesville Area Health Care System Auxiliary, Paynesville Area Special Olympics, Paynesville Historical Society, Paynesville Youth Athletic Association, Alzheimerís Association, American Cancer Society (Minnesota Division), American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association (Minnesota Affiliate), American Lung Association, American Red Cross, Arthritis Foundation (Minnesota Chapter), Central Minnesota Task Force on Battered Women, Courage Center, Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota, Leukemia Society of America (Minnesota Chapter), National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Minnesota North Star), Salvation Army and others as specified.

Area residents are asked to look over the list of organizations and indicate those to which they wish to contribute. Then place the donation in the self-addressed envelope and return it by Dec. 31, to the Paynesville Area Charity Fund. Donations will be distributed according to donors wishes.

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