Students of the Month named in the middle school

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/6/99.

students of the month With a new school year a month old, the teachers in the Paynesville Area Middle School have had time to get to know their students. This week they announced the October Students of the Month.

Representing the sixth grade are John Hemingson and Jessica Lahr; seventh grade, Troy Gerding and Maggie McCarron; and eighth grade, Brian Korman and Sami Tierney.

Pictured are Hemingson and Lahr, top; Gerding, middle; and Korman and Tierney, bottom.

In electing the students, the teachers observe their behavior and participation in the classroom, in the hallways with their friends, and their classwork.

Jessica Lahr is the daughter of Harry and Liz Lahr. Her teachers say she has made herself known in the middle school with real pizzazz. She's a good student with a good sense of humor. Jessica's appreciated by both her teachers and students, and she is a great asset to the middle school.

Jessica is a member of the sixth grade band and basketball team. She lists as her interests talking on the phone and being with friends.

When asked how she feels about winning the award, Jessica replied, "I feel honored to win."

John Hemingson is the son of Neil and Joy Hemingson. His teachers say John is a great addition to the middle school. He's shown himself to be a hard working, conscientious student who makes excellent contributions to class. John is especially helpful and considerate, and very nice. He seems to get along well with everyone.

John competes in sixth grade flag football and plans to take part in wrestling and track. His interests include riding bicycle and playing with his friends.

When asked how he feels about winning the award, John replied, "I'm excited to be a first winner."

Maggie McCarron is the daughter of Jeff and Diane McCarron. Her teachers say Maggie puts forth strong effort, is polite and respectful, gets along with classmates well, and emmulates mature adult-like behavior.

Maggie takes part in seventh grade volleyball, band, and choir, and is on the youth advisory board. Her interests include reading and playing sports.

When asked how she feels about winning the award, Maggie replied, "It's fun, you're blown away."

Troy Gerding is the son of Dave and Cindy Gerding, Paynesville. His teachers say Troy is very polite, well-mannered, puts forth good effort, is serious and mature about his education, and is concerned about others. Troy is a member of the seventh grade band and baseball team. He lists as his interests riding bike and playing Nintendo 64.

When asked how he feels about winning the award, Troy replied, "Surprised and honored."

Sami Tierney is the daughter of Charon Tierney and Dean Hanson, Paynesville. Her teachers say she is a hard working, considerate student. Sami goes above and beyond expectations, is a contributor to class discussion, and is polite.

Sami is a member of the eighth grade choir and band, the middle school pops choir, and the speech team. She lists acting, singing, and ballet as her interest.

When asked how she feels about winning the award, Sami replied, "I feel honored to win."

Brian Korman is the son of Bill and Sue Korman. His teachers say he is a hard working student, considerate and polite, who shows concern for his classwork.

He is a member of the eighth grade football team, band, and is a peer mediator. Brian lists his interests as hunting, fishing, football, and paintball. When asked how he feels about winning the award, Brian replied, "Excited."

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