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Paynesville Press - October 4, 2006

Township sets public hearing
to establish subordinate service district

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their meeting on Monday, Sept. 25.

•The board approved a variance for Brian Roberg to remodel an existing structure (replacing the footings and adding a second story) that is 39 feet from Breezewood Road. The township ordinance requires a setback of 63 feet from the center of the road, so the variance is for 24 feet. Roberg plans to use the existing footprint for the house and will be no closer to the road, but a variance was required because the house did not meet the setback.

•The board approved a variance for Darrel and Jean Lindquist, who wish to construct a new home. Their address is Old Lake Road, but they needed a variance from the gravel driveway that runs between their lot and Old Lake Road. Because this driveway is a platted road, they needed a variance to come within 18 feet of the centerline of it, meaning the variance was for 45 feet. The only comments were in support of Lindquist's request.

•The board conducted a public hearing concerning a variance request by Neil Anderson who wants to erect a pole barn on his 5.60 acres on 263rd Avenue. The township ordinance limits unattached structures to 1,650 square feet on that size of property, and Anderson is requesting a variance for 1,632 square feet. The board has previously approved a conditional-use permit for Anderson to operate his house moving business on his property as a limited rural business.

There were no comments - written or oral - at the public hearing, and Anderson could not attend due to a family emergency.

The board agreed to table a decision about the variance request until its next meeting in order for Anderson to attend and state his reasons for the variance request.

•The board set a public hearing for establishing a subordinate service district in the township on Monday, Oct. 23, at 8:30 p.m. In a new development, Crow River Heights, the township has agreed to monitor a community septic system.

In order to do this, the township needs to be able to assess costs for installation, maintenance, and ongoing capital costs back to the affected property owners, which is the reason for establishing the subordinate service district consisting solely of properties in the new development.

•The board set a public hearing for a variance request for Brian and Kimberly Kobenia for Monday, Oct. 23, at 8:15 p.m. They want to build a deck on their house on Brentwood Road that would be no closer to the road but would only be 41 feet to the road, while the township ordinance requires a 63-foot setback. The variance request is for 22 feet.

•The board approved paying $25 to the county in order to get a 9-1-1 address for the Kruger Lake Nature Preserve. Since school classes and other groups will be using the preserve, two 9-1-1 signs will be erected (one on Highway 55 and one on Old Lake Road). The board felt that without a public use, the 9-1-1 signs would not be needed, so it was appropriate to pay for the signs for the property since it would be used by the public.

•The board reviewed a plat proposal by Andy Winstrom in Section 18 of the township. Winstrom wants to create eight lots (1.5 acres in size and each with a plane hangar) on Cemetery Road with a paved taxiway from the development to the Paynesville Municipal Airport. Such a taxiway may prove difficult due to requirements for federal funding, but the township supervisors expressed no opposition to the proposed development.

•The board will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 10, as Monday, Oct. 9, is Columbus Day.

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