City will explore another exit for South Street

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 10/4/00.

At its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Paynesville City Council told city engineer Pete Carlson, to explore the cost for constructing a road from South Street to Highway 23.

At present, South Street is a dead end on the east end. With the city planning to upgrade South Street in 2002, another exit needs to be in place before then. Otherwise, there won't be a possible detour route for residents.

The city has had discussion with Paul Ampe regarding the possibility of extending South Street. He is interested in working with the city on the extension and the creation of lots along the street.

Issues that need to be worked out with Ampe include drainage of storm water, alignment of the street, zoning, financing, and possibly annexation.

According to Carlson, Ampe is not ready to take the initiative to develop the project on his own. Ampe asked if the city would defer assessments. The city is not ready to do that at this time.

Council member Dave Peschong said the main thing needed is another road to South Street. The Public Works Depart-ment is not interested in annexing more land. The city has a right-of-way on which the road can be built, he added.

Carlson said he would explore the cost of constructing a road with a gravel base and two inches of asphalt. "It would buy us time until the area is developed," he told the council.

Council member Dennis Zimmerman reminded the council it took two and a half years to get the east side of Morningside rezoned.

Council member Harlan Beek urged the council to proceed with caution. "We have annexed WilGlo and Project 55 this year. If we get an economic slowdown, we'll be left holding the bag for a third project," Beek said.

The council told Carlson to work with the planning commission on possible future development of the area.

Other business
•The council approved a new policy for the Paynesville Police Department officers which enables officers to operate police vehicles without lights. According to Police Chief Tony Schmitt, the policy is required by state statute.

•The council approved a tax levy resolution. This was a formality. If the resolution is not approved, the city could not raise the levy above what was set this year. Next year's levy has been increased 4.6 percent.

•Carlson informed the council he would have the assessment roll for the 2000 Street Project and Project 55 ready for the next council meeting. The roll includes the residents and businesses affected by the street project and the amount that they will be assessed.

•The council approved a payment for $15,999 to Landwehr Construction for the raw water main improvements.

•The council set Wednesday, Oct. 25, at 6:30 p.m., as a hearing date to vacate the existing right-of-way for Stearns Avenue located within the Ridgeview Third Addition. This plat lies south of Highway 55. The right-of-way affects the site the city has acquired for a new well.

•The council approved a payment of $96,875 to Kuechle Underground for work on the 2000 Street Project.

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