Council approves digging new wells

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/29/99.

Cost estimates for construction and engineering services for two new wells were approved by the Paynesville City Council at their Wednesday night meeting.

One of the new wells will be located about 900 feet south of the present wells, five and six, in a field south of Highway 23 on the east edge of Paynesville. The second new well would be located south of Highway 55 behind Ed Gottwald's new building.

The city would pump the water from the new wells to the present water treatment plant north of Highway 23 on the east edge of Paynesville.

Estimated construction cost for the two new wells is $570,800. The estimated cost does not include the price of land acquisition.

"I have met with Paul Ampe to discuss easement for the water mains," Pete Carlson, city engineer, said. "He has offered to sell land to the city."

Ron Mergen, public works director, recommended the council refurbish well number five. Mergen informed the council that the well pump was designed to pump an average of 10,000 hours per year and has been pumping more than 13,000 hours.

"With well number four (behind city hall) off line and usage of well number three (by city garage) cut back, the other pumps have been working overtime this summer," Mergen said.

The council approved hiring Traut Wells to refurbish the pump.

In other business:
•The council reviewed improvements to the alley entrance behind Wally's G&T and a small section of River Street. Carlson informed the council the street is in good shape and recommended adding curb and gutter to channel the water to a nearby catch basin. He also suggested installing a concrete apron behind Wally's G&T to help channel the water from the alley to the street.

Estimated cost for the project is $10,374. This area would be added to the 2000 Street Project.

Carlson asked the council who would be assessed for this portion of the project. Would the city pick up the cost as street maintenance or would it be assessed to Wally's G&T? The council said they would research the issue and discuss it at the next council meeting.

•The council approved the contract with the Stearns County Assessor's office for services as city assessor for the period Jan. 1, 2000 to Dec. 31, 2004.

•The council approved purchasing a new lift pump for the lift station on Lyndall Avenue.

•As part of the 2000 Street Project, the council approved adding sidewalks to Pomeroy Avenue from James Street to Hoffman Avenue.

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