Residents are asked to save box tops

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/29/99.

The Paynesville Area Elementary School is asking area residents to again participate in the "Box Tops for Education" fund raiser sponsored by General Mills. The program helps schools raise money to purchase items not covered by shrinking school budgets.

The school is asking parents, neighbors, relatives, and friends to save Box Tops for Education logos from participating General Mills products such as cereals and snacks to raise money. The school will receive 10 cents for every box top that is collected. The qualifying box tops have the "Box Tops for Education" logo and a dime symbol on the boxes.

The box tops can be sent to school with a child or dropped off in a collection bin at Wally's G&T Foods or Joel's Jack and Jill. The school's goal is to collect about 10,000 box tops which would raise about $1,000 to purchase equipment for the school. The school receives money for their box tops. Last year they raised $503. A dye cut machine to cut out various shapes was purchased with the funds.

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