Public library open and ready for business

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/24/96.

Students in the fifth, sixth and eighth grades had an opportunity to help move books from the temporary library site to the book shelves at the new renovated library.

The task of moving 24,000 books out of boxes and off library shelves started Tuesday morning with the sixth graders. The class of about 100 students passed 1,200 books one by one, then stack by stack from one library site to another. Gradually the shelves in the childrenâs book section began to fill up at the library. On Wednesday morning, 112 fifth graders and 60 eighth graders also passed books.

A total of 3,200 books were passed by the students. At times the line of books moved rather swiftly and then at times the books slowed down as the students took time to read the titles as the cover caught their fancy. Besides passing books, the eighth graders also helped move some tables and chairs. Also helping were volunteers from the community and Sentence to Serve men from Stearns County. Eric Werlinger, as his Eagle Scout project, is in the process of building some additional shelves for the childrenâs book section.

The newly renovated library cost about $130,000 and added 1,200 square feet to the old library. The library is handicap accessible. A handicap parking space has also been designated in front of the building.

City Administrator Dennis Wilde said the library fund is still short about $4,000 from its goal and volunteers are still needed to help empty boxes full of books. Anyone interested in helping should contact Gretchen Vork, librarian, 320-243-7343. The Friends of the Library will be holding another book sale on Saturday, Sept. 28, at the temporary library site.

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