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Paynesville Press - Sept. 21, 2005

Orderly annexation agreement reached with city

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 12.

•The board approved an orderly annexation agreement with the city of Paynesville. The agreement identifies areas adjacent to the current city limits that might have development appropriate for annexation (i.e. the need for city sewer and water services).

It includes provisions that annexation of these areas must be initiated by landowner request and returns tax revenues to the township on a set schedule after annexation, with the rate freezing if city services are not extended to the annexed property within two years. (This is done to deter unnecessary annexation; that is, land that is not going to be developed immediately.)

It is anticipated that the city of Paynesville will be approving the agreement in the near future.

•The board approved an annexation request from Paul Noyes, who recently purchased land along Cemetery Road. He petitioned the township board for annexation of the property to the city of Paynesville. He intends to construct townhomes on the property and needs municipal sewer and water, which the township cannot provide.

•The board also passed a joint powers agreement with the city of Paynesville for the Economic Development Authority of Paynesville (EDAP). The new agreement is basically a continuation of the ageement that EDAP has operating under for years. The city and township recently discovered that this agreement had never formally been extended.

•The board approved vacating Britton Road, a public road in a plated area of Section 31 near Baywater Road. This decision had been tabled since August because the board had concerns about the intentions of the owner of the neighboring ag land. Finding that the family of the ag landowner supported the abandonment of the road, the board approved the vacation. Mike Hentges, who owns the lot through which the vacated road passes, will receive the use of the additional land.

•The board voted to accept the certificates of completion for the asphalt overlays, done by Bauerly, Brothers, Inc., and the sealcoating, done by Caldwell Asphalt in the township this summer.

•The board discussed Brentwood Road and the turn-a-round being constructed on it. New lakeshore owners David and Mary Slack and Gerald and Priscilla Borman are extending Brentwood Road to service their lots and are following Paynesville Township specs to accommodate future takeover of the road by the township.

A concern of a neighbor was raised involving surface water runoff and the change of runoff following the constructon of the extended road. The township board encouraged these neighbors to settle the road and water issues, since the road is not yet a township road.

•The board approved purchasing a new disability-accessible voting machine for township elections. The machines cost approximately $5,500, and a federal grant currently is available to cover approximately half of the cost.

•The board voted to provide approximately $200 to the Koronis Lake Association for the purchase of two weed wrenches for the purpose of buckthorn removal. Buckthorn is an invasive brushy shrub that is easily transplanted by birds. A volunteer group of residents will be willing to train other residents on identification and removal of buckthorn using the weed wrenches.

•The board set a public hearing for Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 8:15 p.m. to consider a conditional-use permit for Gerald Kennedy. Kennedy wants to construct an ancillary building before the principal structure on land he owns on 263rd Avenue.

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