Regal voters reject Sunday liquor

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/20/00.

For the third time in less than two years, the voters of the city of Regal turned down the request for Sunday liquor. The latest vote was held in conjunction with the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

With 31 voters casting ballots, the vote was 17 against and 13 in favor of Sunday liquor. One ballot was spoiled.

"I was disappointed in the vote," said Jerry Vlaminck, owner of the County Line Bar. He organized the petition to have the issue put to a referendum. "I think a lot of people have this misconception of loud music and special permits. That would not happen. I wanted it for the Sunday football and snowmobile people," he added.

In July 1999, the last time the issue was voted upon, it was defeated by about the same margin, 16-13.

Vlaminck is still considering opening the bar on Sundays for football games, serving meals and 3.2 beer.

Gerald Braun, former city clerk, doesn't see why they can't sell liquor on Sunday. "They have a license for the rest of the week. What's one more day?" he wondered.

Braun felt having the County Line Bar open on Sundays would give the people of Regal a place to eat in town. "I live a couple doors south of the bar and have never seen any problems over there," Braun added.

Mayor Mike Braun was surprised at the results, having thought the Sunday liquor issue would pass. "The people have made their choice," he said. "We're a community of older people. The County Line has a lot of outside activity which turns some people off. They want to have their Sundays quiet."

Denise Wuertz, owner of Pilgrim Inn, said the outcome of the vote didn't matter to her as she had no intention of opening on Sundays.

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