Paynesville airport reinstated in state airport system

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/16/97.

Preliminary runway planning continues toward a new Paynesville Airport. Because of the new project, the local airport has been reinstated to the state airport system.

Steve Whitcomb, ad hoc airport committee chairperson, informed the Paynesville City Council at their Wednesday night meeting, that Paynesville is now considered a ďplanning airportĒ and that all money spend thus far is eligible for 60-40 funding reimbursement from the state. Sixty percent will be covered by the state and 40 percent local funds.

ďProperty owners within the runway alignment have been contacted and know the study is underway on upgrading the airport,Ē Whitcomb said. The runway alignment plan is ready for final approval.

ďWhen the city is ready to move forward, they are eligible for reimburse-ment from the state in many areas,Ē Whitcomb told the council. The city is eligible to receive $200,000 to cover construction costs and 60 percent of whatever goes over $200,000.

Once completed, the city will receive up to 66 percent of its operating expenses not to exceed $3,500 per year for a turf (grass) runway.

The council approved submitting the ďapplication for certificate of approvalĒ required by the MnDOT Office of Aeronautics on the preliminary runway site plan .

Whitcomb will be explaining the airport runway alignment to the Paynesville Township at their Sept. 22 meeting. The township has agreed to share 50-50 with the city for expenses toward the study and engineering of a new airport.

The township still needs to approve the engineering and construction estimates. The city council has already approved the preliminary estimates.

In other business...
*The council approved a one-year extension on the land option held by the Paynesville American Legion on property in Diekmann Business Park, along Highway 23.

*The council set up a committee to meet with Bob Stoneburner to discuss issues concerning the new development on the south edge of Paynesville. City Administrator Dennis Wilde talked with Paynesville Township and they are not interested in participating in sharing the street costs for the project which borders the township.

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