Lottery sales top $498,000 in Paynesville

This article submitted on 9/13/00.

The Minnesota State Lottery's tenth year was its best - sales totaled a record $397.2 million, a 1.8 percent increase from fiscal year 1999.

Sales of scratch games reached $282.4 million for fiscal year 2000, an increase of 6.3 percent over last year. Scratch games accounted for 71 percent of total sales.

Online games sales were $114.8 million, a 7.7 percent decrease from fiscal year 1999. Gopher 5 sales were up 17.5 percent to $22.6 million. Powerball sales finished at $73.6 million, Daily 3 sales were up 3.2 percent to $13.3 million and Cash4Life reached $5.1 million in sales.

The state of Minnesota received more than $86 million from lottery sales in fiscal year 2000. The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, which receives 40 percent of net proceeds, received $23.5 million for environ-mental projects. The general fund - which supports state-run services like corrections, K-12 education, and social services - received 60 percent of net proceeds or $62.8 million. The Depart-ment of Human Services received $1.7 million for state compulsive gambling programs.

Lottery players also benefited - a record $241.5 million was returned to players in the form of prizes.

The lottery's network of more than 3200 retailers earned $27.1 million in sales commissions and incentives.

In the Paynesville area, lottery sales totalled $498,668, a 2.2 percent increase from fiscal year 1999. Scratch games sales totaled $396,136 and online games sales totaled $102,532.

The Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund received $29,421 and $76,296 was transferred to the general fund.

The area's four retailers earned $36,167 in commissions and incentives for selling lottery products. Players redeemed tickets worth approximately $250,703 at these stores. (Note: Prizes of over $599 are paid at lottery offices.)

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