New 320 area code in effect September 15

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/10/96.

Due to increasing demand for new telephone numbers and area codes throughout the U.S. and Canada, area residents must now dial 320 for all former 612 numbers outside of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area. The change is immediate. So, if your number falls within the new 320 area code, don't forget to remind the people who call you.

There are no changes for local calling areas, 911, and long distance calls. Also, local and long-distance rates are not affected.

Seven-digit telephone numbers will not change. But anyone with speed calling, modems, faxes, or other preprogrammed equipment will need to reprogram all 1+numbers that are affected. Cellular phones must be reprogrammed by your cellular service provider. Also, make sure your business phone system can accommodate the new area code by calling one of the following test numbers: 1-320-629-5975 or 1-320-252-0090. If you have trouble placing a call to the 320 area code, ask your long distance operator for assistance in placing calls. Also report difficulties to the area code service center at 1-800-441-5516.

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