Three new teachers added to school staff

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 9/9/97.

Three new staff members began their duties at Paynesville Area Schools for the 1997-98 school year: Sarah Winter, Community Ed. Coordinator, Heidi Allen, Special Education, and Steven Wolf, Biology.

In May of this year, Sarah Winter, who is originally from Madison, Wis., graduated with a degree in social work from St. Cloud State University. During her five years living in St. Cloud, she worked with School District 742 as a community ed. coordinator, mostly with disabled adults.

Having played volleyball in college, Winter decided to take the position as community ed. coordinator in Paynesville, where she'll be working with various programs, including athletics.

Winter is currently working on developing youth programs oriented toward career planning and community service. Presently, she is working out the details and location for a meeting with faculty and students, where she can find out what each group needs and wants.

In addition, Winter is also developing a volleyball program for fifth and sixth grade girls, since that age group hasn't previously had a volleyball program available to them.

Heidi Allen, E/Bd & MMH, is Paynesville's new special education teacher. She is certified to work with and teach students with emotional and behavioral problems. Allen, who grew up in Willmar, initially attended Willmar Community College. She went on from there to graduate from St. Cloud State University in 1991.

Before coming to Paynesville Area Schools, Allen worked in alternative programs at other public schools in Minnesota, with level five, at-risk students.

Her present duties include teaching students with special needs almost every subject, including math, reading, science, home economics, and communication skills.

She's also responsible for case managing her student's individual education programs. She develops their program of study, meets with their parents, and makes sure the student gets a good education.

Steven Wolf is Paynesville's newest biology teacher. He teaches tenth graders cellular, micro, and general biology.

In addition to his new duties at the Paynesville schools, Wolf also teaches high school biology at Rocori; and being a certified tennis pro, Wolf, USPTA, also coaches tennis at St. John's Preparatory School.

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