Toney is the new Community Service Center director

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/8/99.

New community service director Donna Toney, Paynesville, was recently named the new director of the Community Service Center.

Toney worked with Julie Knutson the month of August to learn the ropes of her new job.

"The center isn't new to me as my parents, Fred and Joan Stepan, volunteered there for many years," Toney said. "They have a cabin on Rice Lake."

"The many area volunteers are a blessing to the center. They do so much work and come when needed," she added.

Toney and her husband, John, moved to Paynesville in April 1992. They have three children, Joshua, 12, Kayla, 9, and Damaris, 7.

Among her goals for the center is to start a library. "Many people never visit the library, and by having books here, it will give some people an opportunity to take books home with them," Toney said. "My family loves to read and the children find reading broadens their horizons."

The Community Service Center is open every Wednesday of the month. The first two weeks of the month are dedicated to handing out clothing while the last two weeks are for food distribution.

The volunteers at the center are currently rotating the summer clothing with items for winter.

Anyone needing something from the center are encouraged to call Toney if they can't make it on designated days.

"We really appreciate the generosity of the community in providing food and clothing items for the center," Toney added.

"If a person feels uncomfortable coming to the center, they should call. I know how hard it can be walking in the door and asking for help in tough times. We try to do our best to make people feel comfortable," Toney said.

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