Bug-Bee Hive Resort expands facility

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 9/6/00.

Bugbee Hive Resort An on-going expansion project at Bug-Bee Hive Resort has brought the number of rental units to 20. This spring an octagon four-plex and new office were added to the resort. Last year a multi-unit cabin was constructed. All the cabins are winterized except one.

The two octagon-shaped units, connected by a 16-foot foyer, measure 88 by 36 feet. This does not include the deck, which faces Lake Koronis. "It is ideal for family reunion groups," said Paul Bugbee, resort owner.

The octagon four-plex has three bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. There is a kitchen on each of the two floors, enabling Bugbee to rent the facility in a number of ways. The octagon can be rented as a duplex (two families) or four-plex (four families). The ground floor will be used as storage for the resort.

The new office is found in the center of the resort complex. The office has a log cabin appearance with rock wall base. Inside, there is a small store, bathroom, kitchen area with counter, and sitting area by a fireplace. The office was previously located in the basement of the Jack Bugbee home.

Paul Bugbee's goal has been to add a cabin a year. He is also in the process of residing the old cabins, giving them a log cabin look with a rock base. The resort is set up in three tiers. The first tier consists of the older cabins along the lake front, the second tier has a few larger cabins, and the third tier features the octagon units. Bugbee's future plans include designing a recreation hub with an indoor swimming pool between the cabins to tie everything together.

"The number of resorts are declining in the state as the property becomes more valuable than the business," Bugbee said. "We want to continue to improve our facility and offer a nice year-round facility to the public," he added.

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