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Paynesville Press - Sept. 5, 2001

Paynesville couple charged with possession

By Linda Stelling

Kevin and Margaret Mohr of Paynesville were recently charged with first degree possession of a controlled substance in Stearns County District Court. Kevin was charged on Friday, Aug. 24. Margaret was charged on Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Kevin Mohr, 47, and Margaret Mohr, 48, will make their next court appearance on Monday, Sept. 24, before Judge Richard Jessen.

"We won't minimize what we did," said Kevin. "I feel terrible about the whole thing. I know what we were doing was wrong, and we will pay the consequences."

Since the couple's arrest in February, Kevin said he has completed five weeks of drug treatment and 16 weeks of aftercare. He said he has never been a dealer but has been an addict for the last 10 years. The couple started making methamphetamines because it was cheaper than buying. Laws are laws," he said. "Our usage has cost us dearly."

The couple was arrested on Wednesday, Feb. 14, after investigators from the Central Minnesota Narcotics Task Force executed a search warrant at their Sunrise Avenue home. Investigators found a small quantity of methamphetamine and numerous items associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine. They also dismantled an alleged methamphetamine lab.

Samples of the suspected drugs were sent to a testing lab in Chicago. Due to a backlog at the lab, results were not sent back until July.

The maximum sentence for Kevin and Margaret Mohr, under the sentencing guidelines, is 30 years in prison and/or a $1 million fine, according to the county court.

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