State primary election is Tuesday, Sept. 10

This article submitted by Lynne Jacobson on 9/3/96.

Next Tuesday, Sept. 10, is the primary election. "The purpose of the primary election in Minnesota is to allow voters who choose to affiliate with a major political party to select the nominees of the party to run in the general election," Secretary of State Joan Growe said. "Primary voters may vote in the primary of only one party, but are not required to make their party choice public. This year, voters may choose to vote in the primary of one of three major parties in Minnesota: Democratic-Farmer-Labor, Republican or Reform.

The Republicans failed to endorse a candidate for U.S. Senator at their party convention this summer so there is a race for the party endorsement. Rudy Boschwitz, Bert McKasy, Monti Moreno, Stephen Young, and John J. Zeleniak are all running for U.S. Senator on the Republican ballot.

Incumbent Senator Paul Wellstone is the endorsed DFL candidate for U.S. Senator, but Ed Hansen, Ole Savior and Dick Franson are running against him in the DFL primary.

Otherwise, there are no races in the primary election.

In the state primary, all voters must have registered by Aug. 20 to vote. On election day Nov. 5, people who are not already registered may do so at the polling place. People with questions about their voting status should contact their county auditor or city clerk.


All polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 10

Eden Lake Township
Location: Eden Valley Fire Hall

Irving Township
Location: Irving Town Hall

Lake Henry City and Township
Location: Lake Henry Fire Hall

Manannah Township
Location: Manannah Social Hall

Munson Township
Location: Richmond Snow Cruisers Building

Paynesville Township
Location: Township Office in Paynesville Civic Arena

City of Paynesville
Location: Paynesville Fire Hall

City of Regal
Location: Pilgrim Inn, south room

City of Roscoe
Location: Roscoe City Hall

Roseville Township
Location: Roseville Township Hall, Hawick

St. Martin City and Township
Location: St. Martin Parish Hall

Union Grove Township
Location: Union Grove Town Hall

Zion Township
Location: Othmar Braun Legion Hall

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