Tony Schmitt given permanent position as chief of police

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 9/2/97.

The Paynesville City Council at their regular meeting Wednesday, Aug. 27, approved the permanent appointment of Tony Schmitt as police chief. Schmitt has completed his probationary period, which began in May following the retirement of Chief Bill Drager. Schmitt has been with the Paynesville Police Department for seven years, and prior to that, served as a Paynesville Township officer for several years.

The council approved the low bid of $3,690 from Caldwell Asphalt, Hawick, for the upgrading and paving of the alley running between Central Avenue and Lyndall Avenue, north of River Street. Some discussion centered around the possibility of delaying the project until the 1998 street project, when it could probably be done less expensively. The council was reminded that residents had petitioned requesting that it be done in 1997. The council agreed to proceed.

The council was presented with an initial proposal by Bob and Jane Stoneburner for the development of a 45-acre parcel of land, formerly a portion of the Harold and Lilah Herzberg farm. This parcel lies south of 170th Street [the southern border of the city] and east of the Koronis Hills Golf Course.

In other business, the council:
* Discussed snow plowing for the 1997-98 year. Most complaints received involved driveways being filled in, curbs being damaged and lawns being damaged.

* Approved allowing parking 30 feet to the east of the alley behind Jack and Jill on the north side of Highway 23.

* Voted to purchase a camera and VCR at a cost of $4,795 for the purpose of televising sewer lines. This will give the city the ability to locate breaks in the lines and to monitor their condition. Other nearby comunities have expressed an interest in renting the equipment on occasion.

* Approved a recommendation from the public works committee that the city replace the existing dirt along curbs that were part of the 1994 street project.

* Voted to retain the Board of Review duties for the city of Paynesville. A new state law would allow that duty to go to the county. Dennis Wilde, city administrator, said the city wants to retain the authority because they are the closest level of government to the people and can best address the concerns of the people regarding assessments and taxes.

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