Stearns County 4-H winners

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 9/2/97.

During the 1997 Stearns County Fair, Paynesville area 4-Hers from the Koronis Konquerors and Tel-Stars of Stearns County represented themselves well, bringing back numerous champion and reserve winners.

The Tel-Stars Club also received champion honors for club banners. As of Aug. 29, the list of individual winners were as follows:

Koronis Konquerors
Rachel Gifford: Demonstration day
Wayne Eull: Electric
Megan Reeck: Favorite food show
Rachel Gifford: Flower gardening
Stacy Karels: Health & Veterinary science
Justin Reeck: Sheep
Amanda Reeck: Sheep shmnshp

Stacy Karels Clothing purchased & Fashion revue
Amanda Reeck: Consumer education & Sheep
Kimberly Wolbeck:Dairy goat shmnshp
Justin Reeck: Sheep shmnshp

LeAnn Kolb: Jr. Dairy shmnshp
Janell Kolb: Sr. Dairy shmnshp
Eric Olmscheid: Lawn & Landscape, & Vegetable gardening

Eric Olmscheid: Potato

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