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Paynesville Press - Sept. 03, 2003

Paynesville City Council Meeting

The Paynesville City Council took the following actions at their meeting on Wednesday, August 27.

•The council approved a resolution recommending to MnDOT that the far west alternative for Highway 23 be dropped from further study. Any future route of Highway 23 must touch the city limits, and this route would not, with the council being unwilling to waive this requirement.

Several Paynesville Township residents were present at the meeting to urge the council to let more information on the route be gathered before it is dropped.

•In a 3-1 vote, the council approved proposing an assessment rate of $5.83 per foot for the city's portion of Lake Avenue stormwater improvements.

Because much of the project was paid for by the state and by contributions from Paynesville Township, from the Paynesville Area Health Care System, and from the North Fork Crow River Watershed District, the city's cost for the project was only $47,905.

City engineer Pete Carlson introduced two assessment roles, one with no assessments for Lake Avenue residents, and one using an assessment rate of $5.83 per foot.

City administrator Steve Helget pointed out that some property owners, usually during property sales transactions, were told by the city that there would be no assessment for the storm sewer.

Council member Jean Soine voted against assessing $5.83 per foot, and council member Harlan Beek abstained from the vote. Council members Dave Peschong and Dennis Zimmerman and Mayor Jeff Thompson voted for the assessment.

The council set a date for a public hearing on the assessments for Wednesday, Sept. 24, at 6:30 p.m.

•The council approved applying to the Office of Aeronautics for a Hangar Site Preparation Grant and an Arrival/Departure Area Grant for the Paynesville Municipal Airport. Bids have been received for electrical work and plumbing for the proposed tee hangar, but contracts will not be awarded until the grant applications have been completed and approved.

•The council approved appointing a hearing board for administrative offenses. Board members until January will be Mayor Jeff Thompson, council member Dave Peschong, and city administrator Steve Helget.

•The council approved prepaying the general obligation improvement bonds of 1995 and 1996, in order to save $190,000.

•The council approved hiring Danielle Linder for the police department's part-time data entry clerk position.

•The council approved appointing Chuck Koshiol to the environmental committee.

•The council approved a $1,500 contribution to the Initiative Foundation for services they provide in economic development.

•The council approved advertising a Quasar VHS; high quality, X12CCD auto focus, high speed, shutter flexing, erase head camcorder; and a tripod for bids.

•The council approved removing one of the city's well sites from a tax-increment-financing district established for Ridgeview Court Townhomes. The well site was included in the district because of an error in its legal description.

•The city approved a gambling permit for St. Louis Catholic Church for bingo event to be held on Sunday, Sept. 21, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. The event is a fundraiser for the church's children's choir.

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