Serving liquor on Sunday will be voted on by two cities

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 8/30/00.

Voters in Regal and Paynesville will get to decide if they want liquor to be served in their communities on Sunday.

Both Regal and Paynesville currently have city ordinances that ban public establishments from serving liquor on Sundays. Ordinance changes involving liquor must be put to a public referendum.

Regal voters will be deciding the issue at the polls on Tuesday, Sept. 12, in conjunction with the primary election.

This will be the third time Regal has voted on the question. Voters rejected the change 14-11 in January 1999, and 16-13 in July 1999.

Jerry Vlaminck, owner of the County Line Bar and Grill, collected six signatures so the issue could be placed on the primary ballot. The change can be put to the public every six months.

Regal has a total of 35 eligible voters.

At their meeting on Wednesday night, the Paynesville City Council approved putting the liquor issue on the general election ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Both the Queen Bee's Bar and Grill and the Paynesville American Legion requested the change of the city ordinance.

Regal and Paynesville used different methods of getting the issue on the ballot. A petition with 20 percent of the number of the voters in the last general election was used in Regal, and a council resolution was used in Paynesville. These are the two methods for getting this issue to a public vote.

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