9-1-1 signs going up in township

This article submitted by Michael Jacobson on 8/30/00.

Paynesville Township residents should be aware that 9-1-1 signs are being installed at every residence in the township.

Paynesville Township is participating in a county program to install signs with the 9-1-1 address numbers at every driveway. Stearns County and Paynesville Township split the cost of the signs (about $8 apiece), so there is no direct cost to property owners.

The signs are meant to aid ambulance crews, fire trucks, and police officers in locating residences promptly during an emergency.

In Paynesville Township, around 825 signs will be put up. The township's maintenance man, Mike Jensen, has started installing the posts and signs. He began in Heatherwood and along County Road 34.

Jensen needs to locate all the posts through Gopher One. Next, he plans to work along Highway 55.

He has to follow certain criteria, set by the county, when installing the signs. The county wants the signs to be uniform throughout the county to help emergency personnel find the right residence.

The signs need to be placed on the same side of the road as the residence. If a mailbox is on the same side of the road as a house, the sign may be placed behind the mailbox. But, if the mailbox is across the road from the residence, the sign will need to go by the driveway.

The sign will point in the direction of the house, so emergency services can find the right dwelling as quickly as possible.

"We would really appreciate everyone's cooperation because of the importance of this program," said township supervisor Don Pietsch.

"It looks like we'll get them all in this fall," he added, about the 9-1-1 signs.

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