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Paynesville Press - August 29, 2001

Township offers to sell uniform posts for mailboxes

By Michael Jacobson

Township residents can now purchase a uniform post for their mailbox, have the township install it, and have the township replace it if it is damaged by township maintenance (either snowplowing or mowing).

The Paynesville Township board approved the new policy at their meeting on Monday, Aug. 27.

The township had considered establishing an ordinance that would have required uniform mailbox posts, but decided that might be too restrictive for homeowners. Instead, the township will try to reward people who opt for a uniform post by installing it for them and replacing it if it is damaged by township maintenance.

A problem with mailboxes that are not at a uniform height is that they tend to get hit by the wing of the snowplow. Doug Schwandt, who does some plowing in the township, said it's common to go under five mailboxes safely and then hit the sixth accidently because the mailbox is too low. "If the mailbox is at a certain height, it makes your job much easier," he told the board.

The standardized posts will cost $40. Any style of mailbox should be able to be attached to the poles. Residents will be responsible for attaching the mailbox and fixing or replacing damaged mailboxes if needed.

Anyone in the township is eligible for the program, though residents along most county or state roads already have a uniform post.

Old Lake Road residents will have their mailbox posts moved at no cost for the widening of that road, which could start any time after Labor Day. These residents will be able to purchase a new post and have it installed in their new mailbox spot.

Call the township office at 320-243-7500 for more information or to reserve a new mailbox post.

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