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Paynesville Press - August 29, 2001

Filings open for four school board spots

By Michael Jacobson

Filings opened on Tuesday, Aug. 28, for four positions on the Paynesville Area School Board.

Elections will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2001, for four four-year spots on the board. Current board members whose terms will expire are Dan Andersen, Deb Glenz, Fern Roberg, and Bob See.

This will be the second time that school board elections have been held in November. School elections used to be held in May, but after 1997 state law required school districts to hold elections in November.

District #741 opted to hold elections in odd-numbered years, according to superintendent Howard Caldwell. By not having their elections at the same time as the general election, the district can continue to hold elections in its own polling place at the elementary school. Caldwell said this option also was less expensive for the district.

During this switch, school board members changed to four-year terms. Previously, members had served three-year terms, and school board elections were held every May, with either two or three members up for re-election each year.

Under the new system, a majority of the board (four out of seven) will be elected this November, and those elected will serve for four years. The new system provides an opportunity for the composition of the board to be substantially changed (potentially a new majority could be elected) in one election.

Voters will not have another chance to vote in school board elections until 2003, when the terms of incumbents Maurice Dosdall, Pat Flanders, and Gretchen O'Fallon will expire.

During the switch from May to November elections and from three- to four-year terms, some board members served additional time on the board. Now the transition has been completed.

"The jury's still out as to whether this (voting system) is good or bad for school boards," said Caldwell.

Interested candidates can file for the school board election at the district office, which is located at 217 Mill Street West. The district office is attached to Paynesville Area Elementary School.

Candidates must be eligible voters, 21 years of age, and residents of the school district for 30 days prior to the election. The fee for filing is $2.

Filings close on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 5 p.m.

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