Hometown boy buys Tuck's Cafe

This article submitted by Molly Connors on 8/27/96.

Tuckâs Cafe will change hands once again this Thursday.

No corporate headquarters, no city slicker, no stranger is taking over Tuckâs ownership. Just a hometown boy ÷ Kevin Schoenherr.

Schoenherr, a 1990 graduate of Paynesville High School, completed four years of college in Illinois. He spent the past few years running a small trucking business.

Through his years as a truck driver, Schoenherr learned to appreciate a good meal. He found out "what is good cooking ... what a home-cooked meal is all about." He also learned to appreciate fair prices.

Schoenherr will keep the home cooking at Tuck's. Aside from trying to swing the menu in a more health-conscious direction, the menu will change some, Schoenherr said. Customers can expect changes within a few days of Schoenherr taking over.
As for the healthfulness of the menu, Tuck's won't be switching to a salads and boiled vegetable menu. Mainly, Schoenherr wants to offer more chicken sandwiches and cook the burgers on a char grill rather than the current flat grill.

Schoenherr wants to keep an old-fashioned atmosphere about the restaurant. He sees Tuck's as a fountain-soda sort of place, where customers can enjoy ice cream, home cooked food and, of course, a piece of pie.

Schoenherr will make an effort to buy "everything possible" from local merchants.

"I want to get away from the truck coming from St. Cloud," he said. He may pay more, but he'll put that money back into the community.

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