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Paynesville Press - August 28, 2002

City council unanimously approves airport commission

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

*The council unanimously approved an ordinance establishing the Paynesville Regional Airport Commission, which "shall study and advise the council in all matters dealing with the airport." The commission replaces one of the same name that was a joint venture between the city and Paynesville Township.

The council previously appointed five members to the new commission: Steve Brown, Jeremy Nelson, Dave Peschong, Bert Stanley, and Steve Whitcomb.

*The council met in closed session, for nearly two hours, with city attorney Bill Spooner, attorney John Martin, land negotiator Dave Oleson, and Whitcomb to discuss the pending litigation for airport condemnation.

Following the closed session, Mayor Jeff Thompson read a statement, saying the council gives authority to its land negotiators and legal representation to continue on-going negotiations in regard to land acquisition, gives authority to continue the taking process, and gives authority to separate the access easement question.

The first court hearing for condemnation is scheduled in Stearns County District Court for Thursday, Aug. 29, at 1:30 p.m.

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