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Paynesville Press - August 23, 2006

Conditional-use permit approved
for limited rural business

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their monthly meeting on Monday, Aug. 14. In order to participate in a county meeting about a future county comprehensive plan, the meeting started at 8:30 p.m. instead of its usual 8 p.m.

•The board approved a conditional-use permit for Neil Anderson to conduct a limited rural business on property he owns and property owned by Richard Lahr in Sections 2 and 11 of the township. Anderson owns and operates Anderson Building Movers and has a need to store buildings while in transit from one site to another.

The conditional-use permit was needed because the zoning ordinance does not allow multiple houses on a lot. With the permit, Anderson will be able to temporarily store structures on his 5.60 acres and five acres owned by his neighbor Lahr.

Conditions to the permit include: only ten units stored at one time; the premises to be maintained; only one unit to be displayed along Highway 23; and no permanent structures (any kind of footings). The conditional-use permit will be reviewed annually. Any violations will discontinue the permit.

At the public hearing prior to the permit issuance, the only comments were in favor of the limited rural business for Anderson.

•The board met with the Roseville Township Board of Supervisors to discuss Roseville Road, which was paved this summer. The bill has not been finalized yet. Currently, the estimate cost ($57,445) is under the bid price ($57,985).

Paynesville Township is covering half of the improvements, Roseville Township a quarter, and the developers of the Crow River Heights is covering a quarter.

The Roseville board noted that they had been contacted by their gravel contractor that any gravel hauling for such projects - unless included in the bid - should have been contracted with him. While getting the road ready for tarring, a supervisor from each township agreed that more gravel was needed and they hired a few loads.

The Roseville supervisors - Mike Flanders, Jim Schultz, and Vernon Soine - reminded the Paynesville board that good communication would be needed on shared roads. Paynesville Township, they were told, would normally crack fill a new blacktop road in two years and would sealcoat the road in another two years.

•The board discussed organic farming with Oluf Johnson, who farms land in the township. Johnson asked the township to mow noxious weeds instead of spraying. He gave the township a map of land he farms in the township organically so the township can avoid spraying near his fields and avoid contaminating his crops with spray drift.

•The board approved refunding money to property owners who had asphalting done in conjunction with the township road project this summer. (They paid their estimated share in advance.) And the township authorized billing a few owners whose actual asphalt bill was higher than estimated.

•The board approved accepting drainage easements and accepting responsibility for the stormwater pond in a new development being prepared by Steve Peterson. The township also agreed to accept the roads in the development (in Section 21) once they were brought to township standards.

•The board approved a charitable gambling request by the Crow River Trail Guards to have pulltabs at Northern Lights Bistro and Spirits. •The board approved charging $500 for a fire call at the Ben Bowar residence in July.

•The board changed its meeting date in September from Monday, Sept. 11, to Wednesday, Sept. 6.

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