Meeker County 4-H winners

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 8/19/97.

During the fourth week in July, Paynesville area 4-Hers from the Koronis Eager Beavers of Meeker County represented themselves well, bringing back numerous champions, reserves, and merit winners.

The Koronis Eager Beaver Club also received club champion honors for club banners and their community pride exhibit. As of Aug. 8, the list of winners were as follows:

Meeker County, Koronis Eager Beavers
Grand Champions
Corey Groshens, Stacy Roberg, Tim Roberg, John Herding, Steve Pearson

Grand Reserves
Steve Pearson, Tim Roberg, Carin Frenchick, Tim Schrupp, Josh Frenchick, Dan Pearson, Caleb Groshens

Club Champions
Carin Frenchick, Jessica Crusoe, Jason Vanderpool, Mesa Frenchick, Robert Schrupp, Tim Schrupp, Amy Roberg, Stacy Roberg, Liz Hubert, Trisha Wendlandt

Club Reserves
Kelly Crosbie, Dan Pearson, Mesa Frenchick, Tim Schrupp, Trisha Wendlandt, Jennifer Roberg, Peggy Thompson

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