Local man is outstanding senior citizen

This article submitted by Stephanie Everson on 8/19/97.

When Paul Embretson found out he had been chosen Stearns County's Outstanding Senior Citizen, he wasn't sure why he had been chosen. But when he was given the date of the awards ceremony, to take place at the Stearns County Fair, he told them he wouldn't be able to make it. He had a previous commitment at his grandson's swim meet.

It's not hard to understand why Embretson was chosen Stearns County's Outstanding Senior Citizen. He has given his time at the Paynesville Historical Society, as well as the Paynesville Lutheran Church, helping with the church flower gardens. He was also involved in the planning and building of the Paynesville Area Senior Center, where he also served on the board.

Even with his community involvement, Embretson finds time for his own hobbies. He enjoys cross stitching, weaving place mats and tapestries, and refinishing old furniture, but his most important endeavor is his family. He has spent many hours and traveled many miles, tracing his family's genealogy, which he will pass on to his children.

Tracing his ancestry has become much more than a pastime for Embretson, who is of English and Norwegian descent. He has spent many hours researching various sources of family records, tracing one line all the way back to 1630.

Embretson has utilized several sources, including birth and death records in churches and libraries. He's gone to Decorah, Iowa, and even used the genealogical records of the Mormon Church, who has a branch in St. Cloud.

On August 28, Embretson and the entrants from other Minnesota counties will gather at the State Fair for the final naming of Minnesota's Outstanding Senior Citizen. It will no doubt be a tough decision.

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