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Paynesville Press - August 20, 2003

Paynesville Township Board meeting, Monday, August 11

•The board decided to bill township residents for a fire call whenever the township gets billed by the fire department, including when a resident gets a building permit but does not remember to call when burning. Recently, the Paynesville Fire Department was called to a residence to put out a fire where the resident had a burning permit but had failed to call the dispatcher as required on the permit before burning.

The township board pointed out the importance of complying with the regulations of calling the dispatcher before burning. Burning must take place between the hours of 8 a.m and 6 p.m.

The board noted that there are also residents who still burn without a permit. Of particular concern were people who burn garbage in burning barrels in violation of state regulations.

The board authorized clerk Don Wiese to work with the proposed administrative fine schedule for minor offenses such as speeding and exhibition driving. Wiese will also look at adding administrative fines for burning violations and bring the report back to the next board meeting for discussion and possible approval.

The city council approved the use of administrative fines at their meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 13.

•The board noted that the road construction project on Crestridge Road, NW Koronis Road, and Breezewood Road is moving along on schedule. Board chairman Don Pietsch added that the road project is currently running under budget by about $30,000. The construction in the wetland areas has been easier than expected and less milling of the old blacktop surface will be done than originally thought.

•A storm water runoff project on land owned by Evelyn Moore on the north side of Crestridge Road is also being included in this project. This is the completion of the storm water project that was done several years ago on Crestridge Road near the intersection with Co. Rd. 181.

Additional costs for this storm water runoff project include costs for easements, crop damage, cost of berms, and piping of water. The North Fork Crow River Watershed District is paying one-half of the cost of this project, up to $7,500 of the estimated $15,000 project cost. Pietsch added that this project would cost a lot more if it were not done in conjunction with the current road project.

•Constructon is scheduled to start on the oil depot at the township maintenance garage in late August. Township and city residents are encouraged to use this depot for disposal of used oil from cars, tractors, lawn mowers, and other equipment. Oil filters can also be recycled with a nominal suggested donation for recycling.

The name for the new oil recycling depot will be the Paynesville Area Oil Depot. The city is participating in the project with the township.

•The board approved a variance for Val Theis to build a 1,200 square foot storage shed on a lot that has no primary residence on Coventry Road.

•The board also approved a variance for Richard Hix to construct an unattached garage within 10 feet of the edge of Brookhaven Road, instead of the 30 feet required by the ordinance.

•The board agreed to wait for a decision on the future route of Highway 23 before working on the orderly annexation agreement with the city.

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