Hecht and Pearson brothers place at Charolais Nationals

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 8/18/98.

Dale Hecht, Steve Pearson, and Dan Pearson all competed at the Charolais Junior Nationals Competition held in Columbia Missouri.

Hecht, left, was a division winner with the his bull.

Steve Pearson, top right, finished third in his class showing a yearling heifer.

Dan Pearson, bottom right, was an award-winning entrant with his heifer in the bred and owned division.

Hecht was especially recognized as he became the 1998 AIJCA Junior Herdsman of the Year. Hecht was the only person at the whole conference to receive the award.

The Charolais Junior Nationals is a week long event held every year in a new location.

The cattle that are entered into the competition is judged on many different things. Some of the things the cattle are judged on are weight per day of age (or how fast they have grown) and percentage of lean meat.

Other than the cattle show, there is a talent show and a cooking contest all with a beef related theme.

Beyond the competition the people at the conference also tour feed facilities, saw some farms, and did some general sightseeing. The con-ference is designed as a learning expierence.

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