'96 State champion to compete at local tractor pull

This article submitted by Aaron Ziemer on 8/18/98.

Scott Mueller, Windom, Minn., will be making his way to Paynesville to participate in the tractor pull on Aug. 22.

He is in the Superstock Tractor class for pulling this year.

Mueller pulls in the Region National Circuit. His biggest stop is in Thoma, Wisconsin. On the circuit there are usually 25 events during the year.

In í96 Mueller was the Superfarm Tractor State Champion. He is in a new class this year, but once again is near the top for pulling.

Mueller competes with a John Deere tractor with four turbos and a John Deere engine. He can get about 2500 horse power from his engine.

Mueller has never really seen or been involved in any emergency situations.

Mueller who used to pull in the Superfarm and that is also the category where he won his state championship, switched to the Superstock in the last couple of seasons.

The Paynesville Tractor Pull
The Paynesville Tractor Pull will be taking place this year on Aug. 22, at 7 p.m.

There will be four classes to this yearís pull. There will be the modified, Superstock, two-wheel drive, and the Superfarm tractor categories. Pay-nesville decided to add the Superfarm category this year, even though they were talking about not having it.

The sponsors for this yearís event are the Koronis Snowmobile Club, Viking Coke, WJLN radio station out of St. Cloud, and the Paynesville Area Chamber of Commerce.

ďThis yearís event will be bigger and better than any other year,Ē said Mike Kotschevar, one of the coordinators of the event.

The tractor pull will take place at the Industrial Park track, the same place where they have had the previous events.

Mike Christen is the only area puller in the event. They are expecting 24 or more pullers in the event.

There will also be a disc jockey playing an hour before the pull starts and an hour after it is completed. The snowmobile raffle will be taking place at this yearís event. There will be many other prizes given away, as well.

The addition of the fourth class, which is the Superfarm class, will be bringing in quite a few big names.

The tractor pull has been going for about five or six consecutive years and it was going on and off even before that.

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