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Paynesville Press - August 18, 2004

Paynesville Township approves study on Lake Koronis Road

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 9.

*The board approved conducting a speed study on Lake Koronis Road and Crosswood Road and approved new safety measures for Lake Koronis Road. Safety improvements, as recommended by MnDOT, on Lake Koronis Road will include adding stop signs, adding Watch for Pedestrian signs with a warning speed of 15 mph, and eliminating parking on a stretch of the road.

The township board also asked MnDOT to conduct a speed study on both Lake Koronis Road and Crosswood Road, which could lead to lowering the speed limit on both roads. (See related story.)

*The board approved an orderly annexation agreement with the city to annex property owned by Midwest Property Solutions. Orderly annexation returns a percentage of tax money over the next five years for the property to the township, though the township agreed to accept a lump-sum payment from the city for this small parcel.

*The board discussed its mowing policy and agreed to mow only six feet into the ditches on low maintenance roads and around Veteran's Memorial Park, which was requested by the city to improve animal habitat at the city park.

*The board heard from township resident Charon Tierney, who asked the board how she can burn legally. Tierney said she always had a burning permit and always called the dispatcher but still the police were called to investigate her fires. She charged her neighbor - township supervisor Harry Thielen - with continually calling the police.

Thielen declined to respond to Tierney's charges.

Chairman Don Pietsch said the board would look into the matter and discuss it with the police.

*The board approved the preliminary plat of Ponderosa Point, a one-lot, 20-acre plat on Cemetery Road owned by Richard and Catherine Pflueger, whose son Dan plans to build a house on the new plat. The proposed plat now goes to the county for approval.

*The board approved a three-year contract with the Stearns County Assessor's Office for assessment services.

*The board authorized clerk Don Wiese to hire election judges for the November election.

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