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Paynesville Press - August 17, 2005

Plan to regulate township growth
reviewed by board

By Michael Jacobson

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors took the following actions at their meeting on Monday, Aug. 8.

*The board reviewed a proposed comprehensive plan for the township, to be the subject of a public hearing on Monday, Aug. 22, at 9 p.m. The plan map calls for limited growth in the township north of the Crow River and for concentrated growth south of the river and surrounding Lake Koronis (except for limited growth in the south half of Section 23, the western halves of Section 26 and Section 35, and in Section 25 and Section 36. In sections 18, 19, and 24, moderate growth is planned.

The township has agreed with the county to interpret this map as follows: in concentrated areas that are currently zoned R-5, the township will not support rezoning to R-1; in moderate areas (R-10), the township will not grant variances to lot sizes (two-acre minimum), thus not allowing clustered developments; in moderate growth areas, land currently zoned as A-40 could be rezoned to R-10 in the future; and the township would not, even if the county does, allow the transfer of development rights in R-1, R-5, or R-10 zoning districts.

*The board approved a variance in lot sizes for Peterson-Kocka Properties, which is planning a couple of clustered developments in Section 21 of the township. Specifically presented at the hearing was a ten-lot development that would be located to the north of Cherrywood Road. Nine lots in this development would be between 1.35 and 1.4 acres in size. The variance is needed because the county requires 1.5-acre lots for clustered developments while the township has a minimum lot size of two acres.

Peterson-Kocka Properties is also planning a plat on the end of Cherrywood Road.

*The board approved a variance for Jack and Peggy Dahl to contruct a 1,500-sq. ft. unattached structure in Elmar Acres in Section 7. A variance was needed because the size of this structure exceeds the allowable amount in the township ordinance by 300 sq. ft.

*The board approved a variance for Ken Havemeier to construct an unattached structure 19 feet from the center of Cullman Road, which is a private road. But, as a platted road, the township still has jurisdiction. The township zoning ordinance requires a setback of 63 feet from the centerline of any township road, meaning the variance was for up to 44 feet, though Havemeier intends to build the garage further from this road if he gets a variance from the county.

*The board approved a preliminary plat of Guenther Acres, a one-lot plat in Section 27.

*The board approved a preliminary plat for Mark and Laura Lindeman, a one-lot plat in Section 27.

*The board discussed starting an adopt-a-trail program in the township. Similar to the adopt-a-highway program, this would recognize citizens who pick up trash or mow by the Lake Koronis Recreational Trail. Board members expressed great appreciation for all the efforts by citizens to keep the trail looking nice and decided not to pursue the adopt-a-trail program because they felt it would be impossible to recognize all the individuals who help keep the trail looking nice.

*The board referred a legal action - from a personal-injury accident on a township road in 2003 - to their attorneys.

*The board approved a gambling license for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association.

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