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Paynesville Press - August 14, 2002

Pharm.D.s start at PAHCS

Pharm.D.sTwo doctors of pharmacy (Pharm.D.s) and one Pharm.D. student have started working with the pharmacy department at the Paynesville Area Health Care System (PAHCS) this summer.

New additions to the pharmacy department at PAHCS are, from left, Jana Strand, Jennifer Lund, and Michael Schwarz.

Jana Strand and Jennifer Lund, who both earned a doctorate in pharmacy last spring, have joined PAHCS for a year-long postgraduate residency. Michael Schwarz will spend ten weeks at PAHCS as part of his rotations for the Pharm.D. program at the University of Minnesota.

Lund, a native of Roseau, earned a doctorate from the University of Minnesota in May. She spent three months at PAHCS last fall, doing rotations and participating in a session of the Rural Health School.

"I really enjoyed my time here as a student," said Lund. "I really want to gain more clinical experience so I could take these skills elsewhere." PAHCS has a model program for Pharm.D. consulting.

Strand, a native of Appleton, did her prepharmacy at North Dakota State University and then earned her doctorate from South Dakota State University.

Schwarz, from New London, is in his seventh week of a ten-week rotation dealing with patient care. He has a year of rotations before he graduates next spring.

Lund and Strand will be seeing patients in the clinic, doing pain assessments and consulting in the nursing home, dispensing medications in the hospital, and educating patients and other students.

Schwarz will shadow them and staff Pharm.D.s J.D. Anderson, Todd Lemke, and Laura Odell. "One thing that's neat about Paynesville is you get clinic experience, nursing home experience, and hospital experience, all in one facility," he said. "You wouldn't really get that anywhere else."

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