Time capsule found in ceiling of elementary school

This article submitted by Linda Stelling on 8/12/97.

A time capsule dated 1976 was found recently above the suspended ceiling at the Paynesville Area Elementary School recently.

Workers, stringing computer cables, found a round cylinder on a ledge marked ďTime Capsule: Open in 1996. Predictions made by 8th grade social science class on April 23, 1976.Ē

Steve Aagesen, eighth grader teacher at the time, said the students had been studying the Bi-Centnnial and wondered what life would be like by the year 2000. 1976 was also the year of the first Mars mission. Don Skjonsby was the teacher responsible for the time capsule and couldnít be reached for comment.

Todd Fenske joked his prediction had come true as he predicted we would be landing on Mars. Bonnie Koglin Hansen, when reminded about the time capsule, asked if she had written anything stupid. Dan Schultz had completely forgotten about the time capsule. Danette Kulzer didnít have much faith that their time capsule would be found as she predicted the pieces of paper would be lost.

Some of the predictions follow.

By the Year 1996, I predict. . .
That everyone will own a hovercraft and be on other planets either living or exploring. Tim Liestman

That there will be people on the moon. Rose Boie

That there will be laboratories on Mars. Tom McCoy

That women's lib will be true and that there will be no difference in pay between men and women. Deanne Noonan

That solar energy will be used and will be nothing very new. Debra Mehr

The United States will turn to Communism. Pam Spanier

That weíll find life on a planet. Rhonda Fuchs

That the United States will no longer be the number one power and that we will be overthrown by the number one country. Linda Nylen

A nuclear war will land on Mars and find life on it of some sort either plant or animal. Chris Nistler,/b>

That almost all the people will have airplanes or helicopters. Dan Schultz

That there will be a problem of buildings being put up on land owned by other people. Bonnie Koglin

By the year 1996 there will be a new world war. LeRoy Lang

We shall have station upon Mars and that manned space craft will have probed other planets. Myron Schmitz

There will be a cure for cancer. Ruth Loxtercamp

Almost all of our animals will be extent. Macy Dingman

I predict there will be a famine. Kathy Fischer

There will be an over population problem. Jeron Jaeger

I predict that people will be extent.(sic) Jack Liebl

The world will have ended. Mark Knebel

That people will be living on the moon. Duane Schmitt

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