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Paynesville Press - August 10, 2005

50th annual flower show held at Grace

By Michael Jacobson

Zinnias The 50th annual flower show was held at Grace United Methodist Church over the weekend with the theme, "Down Memory Lane." The flower show - started in August 1956 - is meant to celebrate God's beautiful flowers.

Sharon Dittman entered these miniature zinnias at the flower show.

This year's 50th annual show - sponsored by the Women of Grace United Methodist Church and the Paynesville Area Garden Club - featured 18 exhibitors and 236 entries (29 in arrangements, 100 in perennials, 75 in annuals, and 32 in fruits, vegetables, and herbs).

Flower Show Results
Winner arrangement Arrangements
Overall Winner: Evelyn Moore
Moore received the grand prize for the arrangment at right.
People's Choice: Marlene Christle
Honorable Mention: Ramona Frank
Advanced Amateur: (1) Moore; (2) Christle
Amateur: (1) Kathleen Ziegler; (2) Margaret Spanier
Children: No entries

First Place: Delores Heitke
Second Place: Larry Haider

First Place: Moore
Second Place: Urban Fuchs


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