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Paynesville Press - August 7, 2002

Airport joint powers resolution options

By Don Pietsch

Editor's Note: Presented by Chairman Don Pietsch to the Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors at an emergency meeting on Monday Aug, 5.

1. Terminate airport joint powers agreement August 12, 2002.
  A. Retain $194,000 of airport designated monies.
  B. Pay down the ice arena debt with the $194,000.
  C. Receive no further debt reduction monies from the city of Paynesville.
  D. The city will continue paying $5,000 to the Paynesville Hockey Assn. for ice time.
  E. Paynesville Township shall assume full financial responsibility for maintenance and the Mighty Ducks $250,000 grant.
  F. The present annexation agreement contains no property that has not already been annexed.
  G. Possible continuation of annexation negotiations with city of Paynesville.
  H. Possible continuation of swimming pool project.
  I. Possible continuation of Lake Koronis Trail project.

2. Refusal to terminate airport joint powers agreement.
  A. City shall file 365 days notice of agreement termination.
  B. Paynesville Township will continue to pay their share of airport project.
  C. Paynesville Township will receive no payment for arena debt reduction from the city.
  D. City will continue paying $5,000 to hockey assn for ice time.
  E. City will not share in financial responsibility of ice arena of the $250,000 Mighty Ducks Grant.
  F. Any future annexation agreement between the city and the township will be placed in jeopardy.
  G. Any land purchased by the city will be annexed by the city.
  H. The city will continue the process of purchasing land and build an airport cooperatively with the State of Minnesota at its presently planned site.

It is very disappointing to me personally that the current Paynesville Township Board has decided not to support decisions and commitments of previous boards. Based on this analogy, I believe the only financially responsible action is for this board to exercise option 1.

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