Koronis Konquerors

This article submitted by Rachel Gifford on 8/4/98.

On May 16, the Koronis Konquerors 4-H Club met at the Paynesville Historical Society to landscape around the old country school house. The club decided the new location for the school house could be made more appealing to the community and visitors.

Koronis Konquerors collected donations from several area businesses. Wimmer Nursery donated a juniper shrub. Wagon Wheel Nursery donated a potentilla shrub and Paynesville Greenhouse donated several annuals.

Club members contributed dahlias, yarrow, phlox, plastic ground cover, decorative rock, edging and their labor.

Members working were Christie Eull, Rachel Gifford, Tracy Markgraf, Amanda, Justin, and Megan Reeck and Jon Schefers. Their parents enjoyed helping make the project a success. Barb Eull, Janet Gifford, Lu and Gary Reeck, Julie and Ken Schefers all worked with the members. Throughout the summer, club members weeded and kept up the landscaping.

On July 27, the club met back at the historical society museum to view the fruits of their labor. The Koronis Konquerors were given a complete tour of the school house by Bertha Zniewski, museum curator. Club members learned about what school was like in the early 1900s. Several members, parents and grandparents attended similar schools.

Through this project, members recognized the need to contribute to the community and to learn about the past.

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