Friends of the Library make 'celebrity' posters

This article submitted by Lynne Jacobson on 8/4/98.

The Friends of the Library recently produced posters for the Paynesville Library from an idea of the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA produces posters on reading using celebrities, like Goldie Hawn, Mel Gibson and others.

The Friends of the Library asked local Ďcelebritiesí-Wally Thyen, the Jay and Laura Thompson family, and Dr. Tom Sult-to pose for their posters. Each local celebrity posed with a book and the pictures, taken by Kevin Odell, were then made into posters. One copy of each poster is on display at the Paynesville Library. The other copy was given to the Ďcelebrityí to display at their work: Wallyís at G& T Foods; the Thompsonís at Paynesville schools; and Sultís at Paynesville and Belgrade medical clinics in an exam room.

In the above picture: Friends of the Library representatives, Shelby Vaske (far left) hands Wally Thyen his poster, while Eileen Werner (center) presents the Thompson family (Peder, Ezra, Jay and Laura) their poster.

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