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Paynesville Press - August 2, 2006

Township resident receives
$1,000 charge for fire call

The Paynesville Township Board of Supervisors held their monthly meeting on Monday, July 24.

•The board took no action, leaving a $1,000 charge for a fire call, for a township resident, who protested the charge because they had burned with a permit in April only to have the fire start up nine days later. The township's policy is to charge $500 for fire calls where the resident has a burning permit but does not call dispatch to notify the authorities of the fire and $1,000 for a fire call without a permit.

The resident called the fire, started by hot ash, an "act of God." The supervisors, however, noted that a condition of a fire permit is to watch the fire until it is completely extinguished.

The township's share of fire coverage ($32,134 in 2005) is based on the number of fire calls in the township. (The total fire budget is divided among the entities it covers based on the number of fire calls by each one.) Each fire call costs the township more than $1,000, noted the supervisors, who were unwilling to change their previous decision to charge $1,000 for this fire.

•The board approved vacating 168 feet of Kohi Road in the Koronis Heights Addition in Section 21, following a public hearing with no opposition. A petition by neighboring landowners was submitted to the township with this request.

•The board set a public hearing for a conditional-use permit for Neil and Ashlee Anderson and for Richard Lahr on Monday, Aug. 14, at 8:30 p.m. The Andersons and Lahr want the permit to allow a limited rural business on their properties. Neil Anderson moves houses and has a need to store houses in transit temporarily on property owned by Lahr. Such a permit could come with conditions, the board noted, which would be discussed and set at the public hearing.

•The board discussed the community septic system for the Crow River Heights Plat, which the township has agreed to maintain. The township will need to establish a separate fund for maintenance and future capital needs and set a fee schedule for residents to pay these costs. Of the $91,000 estimated for sewer construction, $68,250 can be depreciated over 50 years, and $22,750 can be depreciated over 20.

•The board was informed that bids for the section of the Lake Koronis Recreation Trail from the city to the city beach will be opened on Monday, Aug. 21. Bids for the section of trail from the city to the Glacial Lakes State Trail should be opened in early September. Both are expected to be built yet this fall.

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