WilGlo Acres plat runs into snag

This article submitted by Erin Aagesen on 8/2/00.

WilGlo Acres A new development on the west end of Paynesville has run into a slight snag.

Willie Scheel has been working with the city on WilGlo Acres Addition, a development west of town on the north side of the North Fork Crow River. He plans on developing 34 lots, including six commercial ones.

A public hearing was held to vacate undeveloped streets from the previous platting, and bids for construction of the infrastructure in the development were opened at the city council meeting on Wednesday, July 26. But because of an ownership question, the final plat could not be approved.

Bill Spooner, city attorney, informed the board that two lots from the original platting in 1857 were designated as a public square. Of course, the land never was turned into a town square, but the problem now is the ownership of those two remaining lots.

"The county has always assumed we own it, but we don't," said Dennis Wilde, city administrator, the day after the meeting. Had the city owned them, they could have abandoned them.

All landowners must sign on the plat agreement, so without knowing who owns the lots in question, the council could not approve the final plat.

Spooner wanted to gather more information before the project moved forward. His main concern is making sure the project moves in the correct sequence so that future problems can be avoided.

Scheel wants to move forward with the project this fall. Because the issue with the town square may take time to clear up, one option for Scheel would be to divide the development into two separate plats. By delaying the eastern portion of the plat, which includes the two lots in question, he could move forward with the 20 lots in the western half this fall.

Once the town square issue is cleared up, he could plat the other 14 lots.

The council also held a public hearing, discussing vacating Elizabeth Street and Grand Street. However, no final decisions were made.L

They also discussed the possibility of WilGlo Acres sharing an approach to Highway 55 with Fleet Supply. A frontage road would turn off the approach, follow Highway 55, and then lead south to the development. The proposed name of this street is North Grand Street.

In addition, the council opened ten bids for the development of the street, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and water main in WilGlo Acres. R.L. Larson Excavating was the low bidder, with a total estimate of $507,696.

The council has 60 days to accept the bid. They tabled a decision until their next meeting, allowing time to resolve the platting issue.

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