Hospital board accepts compensation plan

This article submitted by Peter Jacobson on 8/2/00.

The Paynesville Area Health Care System (PAHCS) Board of Directors approved a compensation plan for the upcoming fiscal year at their meeting Tuesday, July 26. The plan needed to be approved and submitted to the state for review before the budget is presented in August.

The legislature approved a state reimbursent for nursing homes this past session. The state will pay for a 3 percent faise plus a $.25 per hour increase.

The increased compensation at Koronis Manor amounts to about $103,123 for the next fiscal year, which starts Oct. 1. The actual cost of compensation increases for the entire facility amounts to $305,772 for one year. The board approved these increases retroactive to July 1, 2000.

Additional increases for other salaries, and benefits are projected to be $176,047. This increase will be in the fiscal 2001 budget that will be presented at the regular August meeting.

The board approved expanding the educational loan fund that provides interest free loans for PAHCS employees who wish to continue their education in a medical field. Currently, the revolving load fund has a cap of $5,000 per individual and $25,000 total.

The board raised the cap to $10,000 per individual and $50,000 in total loans. Interest forgiveness was also extended to five years if the employee comes back to work for PAHCS. If the employee does not continue to be employed at PAHCS following graduation, the loan is due immediately.

The new scanner has received lots of good coments from the specialists who come to PAHCS for outreach services, according to Mark Dingmann, head of the radiology department.

Dr. Bob Gardner, who serves on the board as the chief of staff, added, "The vascular studies are fantastic. We can even find blood clots in the lungs."

The new scanner is one of a few in Minnesota and was installed in early May at a total cost of over a million dollars.

Other business:
The board approved active staff privileges for Lawrence Strate, M.D., and Clemma Nash, M.D., on a provisional basis. Privilages for colonoscopy proceedures for Bob Gardner, M.D., were also granted.

John Eelkema, M.D., and Charles Leusner, M.D., both radiologists, were granted consulting staff privelages on a provisional basis.

The board acknowledged a $1,000 donation from the Lake Henry Hay Raze committee to be used for chemotherapy in the outreach department.

The board received a letter from the city of Lake Henry expressing interest in joining the hospital district.

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